Study Guide Series

Teaching in the service 1/14/2018

The Believer’s Assignment Moses had passed on his work to Joshua, Elijah to Elisha, and *rabbis and philosophers to their disciples. This model of succession created occasional "succession accounts" that described the passing on of a teacher's call. Jesus' ascension immediately after the commission of 1:8 leaves believers as his successors, responsible for the job of world evangelization, until his return in the same glorified body (1:11). Clouds often aid ascents in ascension accounts; one may think here of the cloud of divine glory (in texts like Ezek 10:4, but especially Dan 7:13, used in Luke 21:27).

Teaching in the service on 1/21/2018

The life of faith (chap. 11) In concluding the previous warning section, the writer touched on the theme of living by faith (cf. 10:37-39). What this really means, he then expounded in terms his readers could fully appreciate, because it is faith that underlies the experience of the heroes of Old Testament history. Since these people experienced faith, so could his readers.