Study Guide Series

Teaching in the service 3/25/2018

Paul was kept there for two years, and had many opportunities to witness to the Roman governor and other royal personages (Acts 24:24-27). When a new governor, Festus, was appointed, the Jewish leaders pressured him, as a favor, to return Paul to Jerusalem. Paul knew that in Jerusalem the Jewish leaders would find a way to take his life. And so he said, "I appeal to Caesar." Paul answers for himself before Agrippa, to whom he pays a true compliment, in order to secure a favorable hearing, gives an account of his education from his youth up, shows that the Jews persecuted him for his maintaining the hope of the resurrection, states his persecution of the Christians, gives an account of his miraculous conversion and of his call to the ministry,. His obedience to that call, and his success in preaching the doctrine of Christ crucified.