Study Guide Series

Teaching in the service on 3/24/2019

Jesus' seemingly strange question, Do you want to get well? was designed to focus the man's attention on Him, to stimulate his will, and to raise his hopes. In the spiritual realm man's great problem is that either he does not recognize he is sick or he does not want to be cured. People are often happy, for a while at least, in their sins.

Teaching in the service on 3/31/2019

While He dismissed the crowds. From Bethsaida they went on toward Capernaum. Both villages are at the north end of the Sea of Galilee. His disciples went down to the lake, for the land is hilly and high on the east side. As they got out on the lake, the sun went down and the wind picked up. Jesus was up in the hills praying while watching them in their toil (Mark 6:45-48). 6:18-19. The west wind, which often picks up at evening, caught them in the open water. They were headed directly into it and found themselves making little progress. They were "straining at the oars" (Mark 6:48). The Sea of Galilee is notable for its sudden and severe storms. "It is I" (v. 20) is literally "I am." "It is I" is a legitimate way to translate the phrase, and no doubt how Jesus intends the disciples to understand it; but given the context of Jesus walking on water, the nuance of deity in "I am" (Ex 3:14; Isa 41:4; 43:10, 13) is probably present.