Study Guide Series

Teaching in the service on 9/23/2018

The nature of rebellious man unfolds in the person of Cain who had an auspicious beginning as the child of hope. But the narrative lines him up with the curse; he worked the soil. Abel, however, seems to be lined up with man's original purpose, to have dominion over life (cf. 1:28); he kept flocks. These coincidental descriptions are enhanced with their actions in worship. Abel went out of his way to please God (which meant he had faith in God, Heb. 11:6), whereas Cain was simply discharging a duty. Abel's actions were righteous, whereas Cain's were evil (1 John 3:12). These two types of people are still present.

Teaching in the service on 9/30//2018

The people were distressed that God had said, I will not go with you. They were promised His protection and guidance by an angel, but not His personal presence. Otherwise, God said, He would be inclined to destroy them. However, based on Moses' prayer in 33:12-16, God did agree to go with them (v. 17).