Message Study Guide Series

Loneliness the Contentment Killer 11/29/2020

The emphasis is on speed since Paul did not know how much longer he would be allowed to live. The delivery of the epistle, followed by Timothy's travel, would occupy some months as it was; any delay on Timothy's part could make his arrival too late. Paul evidently had reason to believe that his execution was imminent (cf. v. 6). This passage recalls a present parallel situation to mind of the darker side of this pandemic everyone is experiencing around the world. The deep sense of loneliness brought on by the onset of Covid-19.

An Unguarded Heart is a Contentment Killer12/6/2020

Christians are not to attack Satan, or advance against him; they are only to "stand" or hold the territory Christ and His body, the church, have conquered. Without God's armor believers will be defeated by the "schemes" of the devil which have been effective for thousands of years. The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures by Dallas Seminary Faculty.