The Pastor's Corner

This time in our country I have come to have an overwhelming respect for something I never heard of in my life; and if I’m not careful, I could become very disappointed with things around me. People are taking much more than they really need, leaving others like myself in need, all because of Corona.

                Who and what is Corona? If it was a person, he would like to establish an ongoing relationship with you. But even much more, he would like to get to the seniors in our culture, who are filled with the wisdom the young people need to live a fruitful life. Mr. Corona would just hold the hands of the young to reach the seniors we need so desperately. If Corona was a person, he would have magic in his hands to influence the millennials that it’s not that bad, and having fun is more important for our spring break time.

If corona was a person, he would not believe in racial discrimination because every race is an equal opportunity to grasp a new victim for himself. Notice that he is a world traveler. If Corona was a person, his master would be Satan because he has come to kill, steal and destroy everything in his path. If corona was a person whose master was Satan, he would, for the first time, prevent believers from publicly worshiping together.

                Although this seems so real, I know it is not, because corona is not a person; so my disappointment would be rooted in my flesh, because my focus moves from God to my needs in the grocery store. Therefore, I choose JOY instead of disappointment, I will be careful, cautious and not act crazy because I know in whom I believe. Nothing in this life can separate me or you from the love of the Father, if Jesus is your Lord.