Discipleship Transformation

  Transformation Track Study Courses

 Carrollton Avenue Baptist Church is committed to the spiritual growth of its member in the fellowship. We have a three step process to move people from new conversion into the growing body of Christ. We call it, Making Your Transition, because we know a growing church is a healthy church. Growing believers will have healthy families, and God honoring relationships.

 Transformation #1 the Transformation Guide for New Members. This study introduces the new member to the family of God; and helps them understand the churches role in their ongoing Christian development.




 Transformation # 2 The Survival Kit Series is the next step in spiritual growth for members of Carrollton. 

5 Keys to Effective Spiritual Growth helps new and growing Christians understand and deal with conflicts between old and new patterns of thoughts and habits. It also helps believers develop a regular pattern of quiet time, prayer, Bible study, and Scripture memorization. Includes a small-group discussion guide and one-to-one counselor's guide. (6 sessions).


Transformation #3 The Master Life Discipleship Series is not for the faint of heart. This study is headed by Pastor Brian and First Lady Denise, taking the believer on a 24 week in-depth study of the bible. And at the conclusion of the course, believers are ready to become teachers to help new believers in their spiritual pilgrimage. - In this series, Christians will learn how to gain victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.  This study will also help Christians understand how to be on mission with God and to help others develop growing relationships with Christ.  Topics include: Righting wrong relationships, Witnessing through relationships, Nurturing new Christians, Maturing as disciples, Making disciples, and developing co-laborers with a kingdom perspective, and ministering in the local church and the community under pastoral leadership.

So, if you are looking for a place to grow and go in the name of Jesus, Carrollton is a fellowship you should consider visiting this Sunday 11am.